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IBC Tanks

IBC Tanks


Size: 1200x1000x1153mm

Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs), also known as tanks, are important to use in various industries as a way to help contain numerous types of contents, including liquids. Because of this, IBCs need to be manufactured in ways that fit a consumer’s needs perfectly, such as being made of different materials and containing special features that certain industries might need, like extra padding to contain troublesome fluids.

Description of Packaging

  • IBC with rigid plastic inner receptacle and outer casing from steel for liquid subsistence

  • Type Designation:- Model of nominal capacity 1000ltrs with pallet- Metal/Composite/ Wooden

  • Material of IBC: Inner Container- PE- HD, outer casing- Steel tube; Weight of IBC: 58Kg Approx

  • Valve: 2 Inches, Measured thickness: Top: (3.0-3.5) mm, Body: (2.0-2.4) mm.  Bottom: (3.0-3.50) mm

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